Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I will write again soon

Dearest Readers,

As I speak I am in the process of transit which means a large amount of my thoughts are appearing from the ethos in the old fashioned way. I have several assistants painting them on stone walls in decorative figures. At present they are a general slurry, as opposed to a succinct spiders web, as my assistants aren't very apt at translating. Or painting.

Please, stop your weeping. I will do my best to sit down and piece together the words that I've written. This may take some time as it appears to me that my impulse to write has come in one word bursts.

Naturally, I understand that you are impatient.




Jazz said...

not posting regularly is so demode

Diana said...

Au contraire! Not posting regularly is anti-demode. I regulate my posting so that I never have the same amount of time between posts.

However, I regulate my regulation also, so that my regulation isn't regular.

I am so anti-demode, you could call me de-demode (or D-mode) as I make demode people less demode by proximity.