Sunday, December 12, 2010

End Of The World, etc

Dear Bryan,

My apologies about that ipad you were given for free not being 3g. What is the world coming to, hm? Why- the other day when I was on the back of my elephant riding to see Anna's new coat at her place in Paris, I saw people riding in those horrid automobiles. Since I saw An Inconvenient Truth I have been very eco-conscious, and it's considered most demode to ride around in an automobiles now- we all use elephants or our assistants. Only the proles use them.
Well, an ipad- which I recall you simply loved when it came out- without 3g? Simply another sign of the death of civilization, I fear. We are going back to the dark ages, brethren. At least Herm├Ęs still makes scarves which the weaker of you can weep into.



Ria-Michelle said...

I love you.

Diana said...

Ah, this reminds me. I am going to have my elephant washed today, we trekked through the jungle yesterday and she is simply CAKED with mud. Would you like me to send Manuel over to collect yours?

aammiiH said...


Anonymous said...

i'm going round with my tiger!!!!is the tiger going going round with me and drive me to the wild,i'm looking people with dogs and i think it's an horrible thing reduce an animals to slavery for egoism and edonism by owenrs....But do you want to compare the elegance of a wild feline cat?????are you interested???

Dahl said...

Hilarious...Karl, have you ever heard of priusi (what is the plural of prius???) or electric cars? May have to trade in the tell how you liked Anna's coat darling.

Anonymous said...

Are you really the real Kaiser Karl? I find it odd that the designer of the most well known luxury fashion house has so little comments on his blog...that is, if he even blogs. And wouldn't he blog in French?