Friday, February 5, 2010

The Press

Yesterday I received in the mail, via a series of tubes and butlers, a copy of "Elle Collections" magazine, in which an article by myself is featured (along with an article by the wonderful Robin Givhan, et al). The article in question is my 10 commandments of style. I thought delivering the 10 commandments on a mountain was a bit inefficient- a bit old fashioned, really. Who really gathers around mountains these days, hm? And stone tablets- frankly, it's not very modern. So I thought delivering my commandments via a magazine would be more accessible to the public, more in the now.
A few of you may be thinking- "hang on Karl, wouldn't it be more modern to tweet it?"
To this I argue that tweets are disposable, 140 character objects of frivolity. They're fine for talking about Alpacas and the like, but a set of commandments needs to someone one can hold, can lick, can feel. So the magazine format suited me perfectly for deploying the basis of the religion of fashion. I feel a little late in doing this- fashion's already been around for a thousand years or more- but it's really no different to certain designers starting their shows late, hm?
Anyway, you should all ring the bell for your butler to go an obtain a copy for you of this magazine. Otherwise you could be sinning and you won't even know it!

Felix Hoenikker: What is sin?
Karl: I don't know either, Felix. But human beings seem to require it.


abrupt said...

i was about to say
"but karl, how will those without butlers and tubes get their own edition of this magazine? information should be free, like ketchup is in demode restaurants."
but then my butler arrived with the pepsi max i had ordered AT LEAST six or seven minutes ago and i remembered that richard stallman doesn't sit front row for a reason.

fledgling said...

i always hold, feel and lick my tweets about alpacas.

doesn't everyone?

i need to find these commandments.

maxwell conrad

Anonymous said...

Guten tag karl lagerfeld ich möchte sie sehr loben ihre mode und kollektion gefällt mir sehr gut und es wäre nee große ehre wenn sie in meine mode-blog vorbei schauen und auch ein kommentar hinterlassen würden von marigona loxhaj (15 jahre)
p.s hier ist der link dafür

The Mussy Head Guild said...

oh karl, your commandments are modern, I'm sure. I wrote a physics question about you skiing on my blog, but do you ski?

Marjorie said...

Oh you write the greatest posts :)
love it.
stop by some time xx

Anonymous said...

tres moderne, karl, although i think that if you were to utter your 10 commandments from a mountain, that millions would flock! je t'adore


kaleighgolightly said...

Voltaire knew clever tyrants are never punished. And as for sin, humans seem to like pain, but why feel pain when you can feel nothing at all? Life is much easier.