Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Well, well, well. I've had rather a lot of comments on this blog as of late- it seems my post about dear Mr. Kane provoked some readers! I'm totally bemused as to why, especially given the nature of some of the comments.

"David" writes: "Somebody please tell him to check every once in a while.", before adding in his "tumblr" address at the end, because everybone wants to "check out" his "tumblr", I'm sure- this is nothing against you, David, I just think this "tumblr" is incredibly disgusting and filthy. People should read a book instead- I just finished Never Let Me Go, recomended to me by the most wonderful person in the world apart from myself. It's fantastic.
Anyway- why should Mr. Kane "check" Is this bizzare, twisted form of punishment you have devised for him, David? Mr. Kane may be a mediocre designer and say stupid things, but even I don't think he deserves to be subjected to lookbook of all places.

"Tenisha" actually goes on to create a conspaircy theory, one which can stand side-by-side the email I recieved the other day claiming an Arab lady designed all my designs which I stole, in 2005 (more on that later).
"I wrote about these comments on blog and actually found his comments hilarious, especially about not caring what a 14 year old thinks. Maybe Chris said these comments to get people talking. Why else would he go after or care what a 14 year old thinks? I mean his not stupid. He knows talking ill about the blogosphere, especially in fashion, would get the bloggers commenting, whether good or bad...we are talking about him. Mission Accomplished."
I like how you're familiar enough with Mr. Kane to call him Chris. But that's beside the point- I genuinely believe, in my frozen heart of frozen hearts, that Mr. Kane is out of touch. If he wants to get people talking, he should design a good collection, hm? There's no value in getting "the bloggers" (whoever they are) talking negatively about Mr. Kane- there's no perverse millionaire going around the blogs thinking "I'M GOING TO BUY THIS BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HATES IT". Or maybe there is! But I have not spotted this perverse millionaire yet.

Finally, I shall leave you with a letter that arrived in my inbox the other day. My favourite sentence of this letter composed of lies and electronic ink is "and how Karl Lagerfeld at age

of 70 suddenly since 2005 became genius and legendary?!" My dear, I have always been a genius. (I've left the letter in the exact same way it came to me, the "poetic" formatting and so on.)


My name is Kolsoum Amirbandeh, I want people to know my story,

The world top fashion houses are against me, it is a complicated issue.

All started since May 2005, when I applied for job at CHANEL co. as a fashion designer; they

asked me to send them my CV & some of my designs by ordinary post, And so I did.

Unfortunately they used my designs (Haute Couture Fall-winter 2005- 2006). All expert Medias became impressed by the Chanel’s new collection and new style. Then I decided to plead for justice to court, but I thought they are powerful and probably it won’t be useful; so I decided to move on and do my own business, but soon I realized that it’s not over and they are spying on me all the time to get my new designs. I see all my designs every season not just on Chanel’s fashion show, even at the other top brands (Dior, Armani,…,Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci,…).

The worst thing is that these companies use their power to avoid the investors after they had

agreed to invest, and unusually change their mind.

Even I can’t find a job despite I’m a professional designer. In other word, they have boycotted me. It seems weird but it’s totally truth. I have proofs.

I'm 24, grew up in an Arab country but latter I returned with my family to Iran, unfortunately in this country there is no place for fashion design, and may be because I’m in Iran , it is quite harder to reach out for help, but I won’t give up.

I’m wondering why with my level of design I can’t even find a job, and how Karl Lagerfeld at age of 70 suddenly since 2005 became genius and legendary?!

If you look at Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches from technical side, you realize, the shown collections

don’t fit the way he sketches; the style is different, the concept is different even the mood is

different. and every fashion expert knows that since 2005 the style of Chanel collections is

completely changed. I can easily challenge him.

Noting is worst than someone steals your work, your talent. I feel myself in exile; I definitely

need your help to publish my story.

I will appreciate if you can send me your answer.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

That letter made absolutely no sense. And what do they want you to do about it?

Perhaps you should forward it to Christopher Kane, if this designer's so great. Maybe they can improve his next collection.


I am crying, what a touching story... What da f* are you crazy?!

The Bible of fashion,

Liliana P. said...

It's the funniest thing I've ever read. Well, actually, you don't know if you should laugh or weep. It's always the same with black humour. (The last thing that made me laugh like this was this person on a forum that claimed he had bought a tooth that belonged to some 80's teen movie don't know if you pity him more wether it's true or wether it is false)

snoblak said...

who is stupid enough to send sketches without ensuring some sort of copyright?! especially if you are dealing with major players like Chanel.

and i'm sure that explains why the religious police in Iran are strict about women covering up... God forbid Karl sees something inspiring under that burka and uses it in the next Chanel show +_+

pow said...
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Anonymous said...

Karl, oh Karl. Those letters that you always recieve are ridiculous to the point where I want to scream. Because you get and look over each and every sketch submitted by anybody ever applied to Chanel. As if! It's quite amusing to listen to them ramble though.

pow said...

This is the ugliest thing that I have ever heard. When she told that every brand has stolen her designs, it simply shows that she does not have any sense of style and design.
One can simply distinguish master work of Karl from Gucci mass market products.
I'm one of the few fashion journalist in Iran, and I have not even heard of her name in my life.
I'm deeply sorry for that person and a lot of other ugly persons who live in Iran.
There are bunch of people in Iran who think that they know every thing about fashion and NIMANY stole their ugly design. But criticizing uncle Karl is something that I can not stand.
F u kolsum and your stupid religious name you'd better just pray for yourself.

Tenisha said...

Had I known my comments would of PROVOKED a post about a difference of opinions, I would of shamelessly plugged myself even more. ;) My apologies for calling Mr. Kane, Chris instead of Christopher. :) Anywho...your post on Mr. Kane far from provoked, but amused. I was just responding in a difference of opinion, looking at Christopher's take on bloggers in a "devil's advocate" style. I mean in my FROZEN HEART OF FROZEN HEARTS, I just tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, raggity collection or not. Remember Karl, everyone can't be as fabulous as you...Fake Karl.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaa!!!! oh my goodness. that was excellent.

Anonymous said...

gawd! don't you just hate people who aren't witty?

Kolsoum Amirbandeh said...
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raspberryfrog said...

it is a joke?
you, kolsoum amirbandeh truly believes that everyone has stolen your ideas?
you are completely paranoid!
come on ! wake up !
the world is not disneyworld !
you're crazy...