Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Poem

People don't like fatties;
Yet what else would we make fun of?
If there were no obese in the world to not be kissed?

People complain about Walmart,
Yet I for one salute you, Sam,
You created an underclass for all of us

Balmain surely is demode,
Yet with no demode would their be a mode?
Hip-hip-Hooray to fashion victims the world over

Love was something I found a long time ago,
I sold it for several women who could sew,
The man who bought it lost it the very next day

The religious may claim to have a soul,
But we all know what we really have is coal;
I burnt mine decades ago


Giovanna said...
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Lori said...

perhaps you should try your hand a rapper if this whole "designer" thing doesn't work out

Anonymous said...


April said...


Anonymous said...

Hip-hip-Hooray to fashion victims the world over- heh :D

Nina said...

Now THIS is pure poetry! Sheer entertainment. Thank you, Karl.

Kat said...

Yes, those stupid fatties ruin everything!

Efraimsdatter said...

you think balmain is demode?? You've working for them, so i don't understand that. besides, the collection, especially the denims and the jackets is on the street. and u know, a fashion which never came to the street is not mode.

alyssar said...

haha what a dick ^

Tiffany Marie said...

demode indeed

Ms. Butterfly said...

I have a soul and I celebrate this victory over the dead. LOL@your poem. please re-work it.