Monday, April 6, 2009

Michelle Obama

I've been avoiding talking about this Michelle Obama woman, because I am not political. However, I notice Cathy "Ohio" Horyn has been posting about Mrs. Obama on her blog, along with the rest of the press (ie. the world).
And this is not a matter of politics anyway. It is a matter of style.

Now, don't get me wrong. Mrs. Obama can dress fine- if meeting the queen in a sweater in something you want to do. Perhaps she assumed they would go fox hunting afterwards. I do like the fact that it was a Junya sweater, but still; she should've worn the giant Yohji wedding dress or something. Maybe one of those black ready-for-camping dresses that Junya designed this season.
Anyway, this is not the problem. The problem is that Mrs. Obama is written about as some sort of style icon; as some sort of second coming of the messiah; as this Christ-like figure that somehow bestows her style upon the world.



I am the Christ-like figure in this world, Mrs. Obama. Who the hell do you think you are? You're going around like you're some leader or something. It is rude. You are rude, Mrs. Obama. I am not impressed. Do you see this high collar? Do you see these dark sunglasses? The ponytail? Have you heard of Chanel? Have YA'LL HEARD OF CHANEL?

Look. It's fine for you to go around wearing your pretty little clothes. But when the media starts paying attention to it, well, that's when I become a tad confused. Your style is not that great. It's what I would call, at best, "homely." Like a wife making bread- in a photoshoot. But now you're infringing on my personal space. I have a bubble-of-style, and your are getting near it. Get out of it. Get out of my bubble-of-style.

I don't understand why you media people are paying attention to Mrs. Obama's "style". You're fawning over her like she produced a collection or something. Like she' She is simply wearing clothes. In the morning, she puts on her clothes- a sweater, slacks, and so on. This is no great feat of genius. You put the sweater over your head, and lower it down whilst inserting your arms through the armholes. It is simple, non? Or is everybody naked and I haven't noticed yet?
In which case I offer Mrs. Obama my sincere congratulations for managing to get dressed every morning.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree.

Dissolved Girl said...

I agree whole heartedly.

enna. said...


girl6_NYC said...

Boooo! granted she's not very "editorial" the way that she dresses but compared to the past first ladies (besides the late, great Jackie O) she knows a bit about personal style and what works for her. Not everyone can dress like Carine Roitfeld, Kate Lanphear, etc.

So sorry Karl, I love you but you're wrong in this instance.

Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't dress like Sarah Palin... But I do think that she would look much better if she smiled in pictures and showed some teeth..

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lagerfeld, I think you're kind of mean. And pompous. And a tad arrogant. But maybe that's what it takes to be in this industry. But then again, that's a coward's excuse.

I wonder if you're a happy man.

I will stop following your blog now, though I'm sure you won't lose a single breath over it.

Ms. Butta-fly said...

Well Karl dont wet your statched tight pants just yet, yes I have re-turned like the second coming of the mesiah. LOL

I am disappointed with Michelle Obama's dressing too. Now there were a few items she wore on her trip which were hot tickets like that patent belt and a black frock. Its not her fault, she is most likely clueless. It's the people dressing her and clearly the designers she's giving the ok to. I wanted to murder whoever put her in a 'getup' recently that made her already wide hips and thighs look damn near battle axe.

Other than that the woman is working with what she's got. Not clearly blessed like me, but damn it she's working IT!!!!!!!!!

Rach said...

Ahahahaha at almost everyone who has left a comment. I bet you're all fat and wear Balenciaga.

Vidal Wu said...

her cover for Vogue made me retch.
honestly, whoever took that photo has no notion of how to photograph.

and she never wears high heels! always little stubs. laughable, indeed.

Arabelle said...

oh please. karl? mean? perish the thought. next thing you know, eating PETA and killing puppies to hear them squeal will be considered INHUMANE?!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh! Karl is J-E-A-L-O-U-S... *devilish laugh*

Livvy said...

not gonna lie, but that junya argyle-sweater-in-a-twist was horrendous.

i did like her isabel toledo, though. it was pretty classy.

Anonymous said...

Get out of Karl's bubble, Michelle!!!

"You put the sweater over your head, and lower it down whilst inserting your arms through the armholes. It is simple, non? Or is everybody naked and I haven't noticed yet?"
You're the master of great sentences :)

Whoever said you're mean is démodé and should shut the **** up. No pun intended, of course.

Pixellatedsoul said...

'Do you see this high collar? Do you see these dark sunglasses? The ponytail? Have you heard of Chanel? Have YA'LL HEARD OF CHANEL?'

((and i almost died laughing))

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. Lagerfeld,

I live in Philadelphia, but am on vacation in Paris. While riding to the Museé d’Orsay, I noticed a godly figure hovering above the sidewalk. I pointed out this figure to my classmates and was appalled that they did not recognize it.

Let’s just say that they will never forget you. It was an honor.


paula pasquali said...

oh karl darling, i kind of agree with you. she's cute, but no big deal, her style is no big deal.
but she's lastnamed obama, and this is enough. you know what i mean?

i think she should wear chanel. i know she's a little "big", but she's the IT person now, and you have been the IT person since forever (and will always be, hmm?) so i think you should bring her to karl lagerfelds side of the force.

wow, i've been away for some time... missed this blog so much!

Shin said...

You nailed it Karl!

Fröken Julie said...


Hey, I made a painting of you!


Jillian said...

BAM tell it like it is! I like that attitude!

Michelle Obama does dress well, but I have to agree, she's not style icon!

Katy said...

GREAT. love you karl!

Ezra said...

this is what I've been trying to tell people