Tuesday, April 28, 2009

French Vogue

It was actually this blog's anniversary the other day. On the 23rd. I wasn't aware, because I loath the past. But a lovely assistant, Fidelio, informed me that it was in fact my blog anniversary the other day. A dusty gold star to you. By the way, I was mentioned in French Vogue the other day, in conjunction with the t-shirts we sell (to your right there). Several other so-called "bloggers" have done t-shirts as well, although I can't exactly remember their names. They're probably not very important or chic. Tavi, my niece, did a t-shirt though-it's delightful.


Ms. Butterfly said...

23 is a special number

Anonymous said...


Vidal Wu said...

happy birthday, dear Guide to Life.
I don't know what I did before you. And now, that you're older, we can finally say we had some good times, although even thinking about the past is démodé.

Thanks, once again, Kaiser, for the laughs, the fairy tales, the dictations, and the charming interviews. We love you to pieces of tweed.