Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Hardships of Being a Designer

No contact what-so-ever from that artist girl who made the Louis Vuitton-Dafur picture. How rude, hmmm? Do you think it's because I'm a fashion designer?

It's hard being me sometimes, I know I look like I'm having an effortless life; but I have to deal with the prejudices against fashion designers that are in the world today.

This, this is as bad as when I when Ashley Olsen ignored me thinking I was just some crazy old man. She didn't know who Karl Lagerfeld is! It was at a dinner and I came up to her, made some witty banter- as I normally do. And she ignored me! She just- continued to talk to some person at her side.
I walked back to the table with Anna "mother knows best" Wintour and Heidi "I like cocaine but yeah no I've never tried it but I like it" Slimane and muttered in French for a while. Anna (oh, she can be so motherly) went over to Ashley and explained who I was. She (Ashley) immediately apologized profusely. (I heard her say to Anna: "I, like, thought he was a creep. Hahaha!" People seem to think I am getting deaf, but I heard it all. Soon after a hideous Chanel suit I designed especially for Ashley was delivered, there's pictures of her wearing it somewhere*.)

I hear my limousine arrive for another party. It is hard being man-god designer these days.

*This is how designers punish people, by designing horrible ugly clothes that people will wear because it's designer. I get a kick out of designing one or two of these items once a year, and laughing at the idiots who buy them. Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, seems to be in the practice of punishing people with every item they make. Good on you, Marc Jacobs.

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