Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yes, please.

Dear President Obama (or whomever I need to talk to),

Considering I mobilized the chic and the stylish to elect you as the next president, I would really love it if you could make me the Ambassador to the UK.

I would do an excellent job, as I am British, you see.  I come from a long line of British socialites, obviously.

This is a list of requirements that I shall need once placed in my position at the Court of St. James:

1.  An in-house decorator.  I think your choice is suitable, but I require someone a bit more daring.  Sabrina Bignami works perfectly.  She's expensive, but I'm worth it.

2. A stable of chic, rail-thin assistants.  This shouldn't be surprising.

3. A fleet of these.

4. A credit account at Models 1, London.  They have some beautiful underwear models.  I need a few to stand around my office and... dust.  Yes, dust.

5. A sizable fashion budget.  As an Ambassador, I must look fantastic at all times.  My accountant will tally up that figure and get back to you.  It may take him a few weeks.

All in all, President Obama, I feel as if I would be the best Ambassador to the UK that America has ever had.  I mean, I'm Anna.  I'm already the best.



Anonymous said...

Yes, you are.

Mo said...

Number 4, dusting is absolutely necessary

Anonymous said...

Yes... the models' place is definitely in the office... to dust.

I think you've nailed it again this time Anna.