Thursday, November 20, 2008


As of late there have been some pervs writing into the blog. They say things like:
"Oh, Karl, I was to suck on your little leather gloves and lick your tough high starched collar, and unstich your Tom Ford suit thread-by-theard."
So I asked for a picture and it turnd out this perv was Marc Jacobs.

Then I got another email saying "Hallo Karl! My name is Hanz! I speak not good english but you are very sexy! U R real Karl ja? I hate if this letter goes to wrong hands! Let I dress in lederhosen and do ballet for U!"

Then I got one in French; it went like (I will translate): "Hello, Mister Karl. I am a big fan. Do you know any tricks with fans? I do. Dirty things. And the things I can do with collars will blow your mind. There's this one trick where I grab by French-chest-hair and..."

That is enough of that one, hm?

Then I got this one: "Hi Dad, can you get your assistant to pick up my new Lanvins from the shop?"
Oh, that's just Jane. Lanvin's a pretty dirty word though. I bet it turns you fashion people on.

So, I would like it if pervs (ie. you, Marc.) would stop emailing me. Thanks.


Thevisionarybutterfly said...

Speaking of pervs i just joined the witness protection program no not because its chic. Some people just wont take NO for an answer.

K said...

There needs to be a collection based around Pervs I think. Very Avant Garde and Dangerous! Like you, Master...

Anonymous said...

mmm, I shall confess I was one of those pervs! I just wanted to lick your leather fingerless gloves, chew on your black sunglasses, and EAT your skinny jeans!

L said...

Who's Jane? Your daughter?