Sunday, June 8, 2008

Karl in the street

I was walking down the street today... the street is very dirty, I was thinking perhaps they should make disposable covers for the bottoms of shoes, so that they do not get filthy, hmm? (They could make them out of torn up Gucci, or recycled paper or something, its all the same, yeah?) .

As I was walking, I spotted someone who looked, and dressed, rather similar to me... only, not. Still I thought, "No one looks like me, I am unique, no?". In the blink of an eye, they were gone, but I did see someone, and after much thought as to how this was possible, I have concluded that it must have been a robot. A robot created by one of the other fashion houses to impersonate me (the idea that those incompetent "designers" would go to such lengths to steal my designs is almost humorous. They probably think they're clever).

So I called up one of my assistants (it seems I go through them quickly, perhaps they do not like the way I deal with unsatisfactory beverages?). I tried telling him about my robot discovery, but he was being difficult, and didn't believe me.

"wait, sir, are you that saying someone made a robot version of you?"

"Yes, and it was ugly, I want you to have this impostor, this... fake Karl, quickly apprehended, and then thrown off a cliff."

"but... robots don't exist, they're not ...". At that point, I hung up the phone. This robot problem will be taken care of quickly I hope, I can't have a robot pretending to be me, robots are slow, like fatties, mmm?

Come to think of it, I don't think it looked anything like me. But maybe it did. The maybe part is important, hmm?

Love, Karl.


icesun said...

Stopping by to say... Fantastic blog and site Karl!

Anonymous said...


I believe the someone who looked, and dressed, rather similar to you... only, not. Was fellow German, Heino. He's been ripping off your look for years - a very pale imitation.

I adore you.