Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Potter etc

I am told that Chanel (ie. me) is hiring Emma Watson for Chanel no.5. She is not. The end.

However someone said "oh Karl, did you watch TV and see Harry Potter?". What I actually do, is stare at the TV turned off and imagine the TV show. And one day I imagined Harry Potter. And I saw Emma. And then I was amazed that Emma really existed. And I reasoned that I create Emma by imagining her, because I met her after I imagined Harry Potter. So I must've created Harry Potter, too. All with thought power.

I wonder how many things I have created, with my thoughts.

We're (ie. me) going to use Emma for something anyway. I mean, I created her, hmm?
Don't know what.

I think we'll just use me for the Chanel no.5 campaign. Nobody dared argue with that. It's funny how people never argue with me, hmm?

ps. I was going to put a picture of Emma there but I put a picture of me there instead. Wouldn't want to hurt your eyes.

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water said...

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