Monday, September 8, 2008

Thou shalt always buy Chanel.

"What is this recession?" I said to Anna this afternoon, as we hung upside down in the closet. "I don't know- some poor people complaining I think" she said. "Again?", "Yes, again". "How demode".
"So demode darling".
"We're still rich, hm?"
"I bet my Chanel logo encrusted skull that we are"
"Doesn't matter then".

In other news, I got a protege. Protege Karoline.  She is very good, hmm? Already she has provided high quality...material. Like this.
I want them at the next Chanel party. Actually I want them now. Can you arrange that, Anna?
I expect them in the closet in say....10 mins. About that. They're so hip, so me, so now.

Karoline also showed me this chic girl. Style, children. Style. If I had a daughter- she'd be it.
Wait, do I have a daughter? No- I don't. I'm gay. 

Marc Jacobs sent me an apology bag. "I'M SORRY" it says. I sent him some flowers saying "KARL" on them. The "I'M SORRY" bag is currently storing some rings on mine, no? 

We just had Yohji arrive in the closet. Someone give him some drink, quick. 

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Anonymous said...

Your pseudo-daughter is so chic!

Tom does not pay his assistants nearly enough for new clothing. =(