Friday, September 4, 2009

Bob Dylan's 115th Post

I've been digging Christmastime lately, man. I've been digging it a lot. Man- I dig Christmas so much you could just toss a whole sack of Christmas at me and I'd be covered in bright lights and fools. But I dig that. You know man- when I was just starting out, fat men on youtube who teach harmonica would say "Hey Bob man, why don't you play some of your older stuff?" and I'd say "man, youtube doesn't even exist yet, how can you exist?" and they'd say that they were folk and free and fritters and I said "okay man, if that's what you dig, you fly with it" as they faded off into non-existence at the sudden realization, the truth, that youtube didn't exist in 1960. I love this Christmas thing a whole lot 'cause it's about love, and you know, there needs to be more of that around these days. Not free love, you understand. Nobody's free from democracy and oppressing and lightbulbs, but love where you pay in kisses. Can you dig that? I tried to tell Joan, this chick I used to needle back in the 60s, I tried to tell Joan this. But all she said was "I don't know Bob man- I don't know if I can flow with that" and I said "you gotta flow where the water's flowing" and she said "love is just a four letter word" and I said "only in the English language, Joan" and she said "what other language is there" and I pointed to French- amour. "Love in the land of the fries and frogs is amour" said I, to which she said "love is a 5 letter word doesn't sound so great, Bobby." I said "yeah, it doesn't, but it's the truth" to which she said that French isn't a really folkie language, so it doesn't count. Now here's where I differ: French is a very folkie language, they've got those clothes that the sheep buy down at the factory, you know, Chanel and all that jazz. I remember Thelonious Monk saying to me we're all folk musicians, to which I said "yeah man- except fat men on youtube who teach harmonica. They're politicians."
Because that Coco chick, she's a folk musician, just a thin one. She's like a blind folk musician. Blind Coco Chanel or something like that. Who even cares. I don't care about clothes anyway- I just care about dressin' like a cowboy. You never know where those cowboys can turn up, they could be in the subway or even in a documentary. It's just so very suspicious, if you catch my drift. You've gotta serve yourself. Or is it serve somebody. Yeah, you've gotta Serve Somebody. Isn't that right, John?


lookwhostalking said...

you recently mentioned that imelda was "jealous" of Tavi. But do you realize how hypocritical you sound?

"So I had another assistant print out the entirety of luxirare's blog. I sometimes work in fashion, and there's a lot of pretentious people there- so I know it when I see it. I don't particularly think she is very chic, or a very good writer, or even a particularly good photographer (J.A, I'm rather confident that I know what you're thinking right now.)
But! This girl is not pretentious. She's too bourgeois. She eats food. What sort of person eats food? She is obviously not fashion enough. She likes high shoulders- high shoulders are bourgeois. It's the same as liking "Britain's got Talent" or somesuch. It's not pretentious, it's just mind numbingly bourgeois, no? "

you are a very jealous person as well, obviously. Before you criticize Imelda for mouthing off other bloggers, why don't you look at yourself, clearly you enjoyed taking a passive aggressive stab at another popular blogger who gets many more comments than your unpopular blog. How did I come up with that conclusion? Your traffic ranking is supremely low.

kaleighgolightly said...

popularity is the bane of creativity, mediocrity disguises itself as relatablility - yet cream rises, n'est-ce pas? what of richness? small amounts satisfy and quality knows its own sitting naturally above diluted inferiority.

irony floats lost on the masses; jealousy is for an ugly, mortal majority.

Rose said...

You silly twat. get off that high rocking horse NOW.
This is blogworld. FakeKarl is not hypocritical AT ALL. In real life, FakeKarl is a 76-year old German (i.e. without any sense of humour) gnarling away at the fashion world because he and his fashion have become insignificant and who thinks Lily Allen is the epitome of chic and thinks his version of a diamante glove is still très aau courant. The above is not intended ironically.

He is not interested in popularity, comments (as if!) or anything you may regard supreme. He has a passport and speaks 4 languages and knows when and with whom he should drink his Krug. So there.

Brandy Shaloo said...

I just discovered this blog. It's great, I love it. :D

powpow said...

oooooooh shit,
I hate NY fashion week it's filled with mini dresses, i hate to see so much leg on the runway's.
common not creative fashion people,
even though you know the closet's are filled with this mini dresses you are still designing mini.
is this because of the bad economy?!!! and they do not have money to make garment??!!!
but no, they're doing thing little things with as muck as fabric for two gown.

BB&HH said...

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New article and new shoot !
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