Monday, August 17, 2009

August in Paris

Here in France it's August, which basically means that everybody takes a big holiday and uses it as an excuse to do nothing. Even my seamstresses are on holiday- it's in their contracts, unfortunately. The French law is optimized for laziness. So it's just 25 assistants and I, and Alber who's been busy reading "The Year Of Magical Thinking" whilst I'm reading "The Unconsoled." I have my assistants positioned around the offices, being human statues. It's rather entertaining. Anyway, I always find this time frustrating because nobody's doing anything apart from me (unless I'm in NY or such, but I'm obligated in stay in Paris for a little while longer- there's dinners to attend, those that I can't avoid.)

Paris is burning,
Yet there's nobody to see,
They're all out to sea, you see
Paris is burning,
Burning to the ground,
"Come back next month" says the fireman to the fire, says he,
"This time does not work for me"

And you know, that might as well be true. Just yesterday I saw a robber mug an old lady, before she kindly reminded him that it's August and that it's a holiday. The robber gave back the lady's belongings, and went on his way. I saw the two of them at the beach eating icecream (which I frown upon) as I was taking photos just later that day. Last year, a jeweler friend of mine was held up at gunpoint, until the thieves remembered it was August and they had a party to go to.

The girl on the right there tweeted me her picture dressed as myself today. I thought I'd post it, though if she wants it removed, I'd be happy to have an assistant do that. I think she is rather chic. Probably because she is dressed like me, hm?



you are amazing!

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